Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halloween on Twitter Street Twee?

While sleeping the other night I had a quite dreadful dream,

Where some of my twitter followers were not what they seem,

You see, I was pursued at length by a ravinous female bleater

And though shocked at first, I must admit that i longed to tweet her

But at a 5am i had a wake up DinaSantorelli tweet on ghostly fun.

Then I had to speak to talktojoe1850 about ghoulish gaffs on Radio 1

HLane sang Cats and Doggie songs and BigAlphy skated happily on a rink

And to my great surprise, Americannanny's witticisms did not even stink.

I tweeted happily with BlackAddler and ValOD1 but heres the wrench,

I have to admit that I enjoyed a discourse with 2GirlsOnaBench.

In fact, I discussed banshee food with TheIrishMother that tasted great,

Spoke of hens not laying with Werethe1s and cats with 8ORION8

But eventually those mantras from DrCesa nearly did in my head

And once again I longed for the soft music of Paterlini instead.

Success,Success said a pounding voice should alone be your aim,

Or at least aspire to writing like FrankSunTimes if you really want fame.

Thus the overall affect of this excessive tweeting was a nightmare feeling,

Which left my Halloween evening unbalanced and psychically reeling.

But suddenly, to my great relief, a sign appeared over my bed,

And its message was assured for those like me, easily led

For its words were writ clear with its sentiments so deep

'Don't mix wine with tweets at night if you want a sound sleep'.

Note: This is a Halloween update of an earlier blog entry.