Thursday, September 22, 2011

Followers Leading me on a Merry Twitter Dance?

I have just reviewed my fond followers list on my home Twitter page
And the make up of this motley crew would even puzzle a savvy sage
You see a wish to keep up with my blog rantings is all good and well
But reviewing the interests of these Cyber tweeties is like visiting Hell.

The writers, publicists, economic pundits and media types are all very fine
But at voodoo and black magic interests one should surely draw a clear line
I know that people are just looking for some social media attention it is true
But like Jedward said, if you’re going to talk its better if you do it with two.

The trouble is that I have begun to see myself as a reflection of this media hype
With unfortunate consequences which run against my normal conservative type
For example, after I have on occasion taken to calling myself Laddie Da Da
After reading tweets on celebrity gossip and attempting to sing like Lady Ga Ga.

Cyber space singing may even be cool but there will certainly be no glitzy frock
As such manifestations of new image would hardly increase my ‘HE’ manly stock!
I suppose like @8Orion8 I could try to calculate how many cats reside on this earth
Or like @MakeMommyCoffee I could even befriend a unicorn for what its worth

More pointedly like @mduffywriter I could bravely assert that’ any dream will do’
Or even like @hlane try fen shui with dogs to get me out of my current cyber stew.
Should I even talk on FM radio and try like @Barbarascully to befriend a large spider
Or write fine short literary pieces like @Bigalphy before I take to drinking only cider.

I could have recourse to a Beatle with @Musicshosh on my Long and Winding Road
Or try ‘sort of’ everything as per @Tracytid to avoid being perceived as a social toad
Like @bloowriter I could assert the importance of intelligence in language of colour
Or @DrCesa assert psychology as a means of refining my sense of not becoming duller.

But in the end I have decided to follow @linda_grimes and seek solace in a hearty laugh
For her blog site is an ideal breadth of fresh air, good humour and not a little social gaffe
You see for me its not enough tweeting about cups of strong coffee or bubble and squeak
For in these times without humour social media has much interest for me as taking a leak.

So I am now renewed and ready with my followers for a new dawn on my Twitter Day,
As no new vast number or range of friends will be needed to tweet in a very positive way
So here’s thanking all my followers for their forbearance and the their keen sense of fun
As celebrity fame or fortunes are no substitute for real life when all is said and done.

Note: This is a purely fictional verse written for amusement only.